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I`m in need of help!

We support you, if

  • …you are in need of shelter and help.
  • …you are being controlled, threatened or bullied or if you have to give away a large part of your wages to another person.
  • …you have to pay off depts.
  • …you suffer violence.
  • …you are forced into prostitution or if you are forced to perform any other acts.


Our counselling services are free and anonymous.
We will not do anything without your consent.
Our counselling takes place in your native language or a female interpreter helps us.
We inform you about your rights.
We help you to consider new perspectives.
We give support regardless of whether you have a residence permit or not.
In case of forced prostitution we arrange sheltered housing for you.

FIZ – Information Centre for Women
0711 23941-24 or on mobile phone 0157-76454802